Nigeria Dahomey Basin OPL 325

LEKOIL’s regional basin study covering the Dahomey Basin.

The OPL 325 licence area, located in the offshore Dahomey Basin within the wrench zone that straddles the western Niger Delta, is a promising exploration licence located 50km to the south of OPL 310. LEKOIL has had access to 3D seismic data over 740km2 and is encouraged by the results and its interpretation of the analysis.

Preliminary review of the prospects, based on an independent study by Lumina, prepared for LEKOIL, suggests oil in place volumes of up to 5.7 billion barrels with an estimated 2 billion barrels recoverable based on analogues.

Asset overview  
Asset stage Exploration
LEKOIL stake 62 per cent
Reserves Estimated STOIIP of 5.7 bboe. Several large prospects with associated channel complexes
LEKOIL operating status Operated stake